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ArtFabrik Berlin

Luc Petterson





Whatever you encounter ...


... you are not alone.

Harteraad stands up for the interests of 1.5 million people with cardiovascular disease. In the video you can see what Harteraad does to ensure that you can live your life as optimally as possible again.


This is 'Harteraad'

Everyting you need to know about 'Harteraad' explained in a short animation. We used the corporate illustration style from Harteraad as a base for this animation.

There is help in need

Good to know that there is a helping hand also outside the public health system. A matching cut leads the transition from the windmill to the cross of the ambulance.

A good recovery is key

We all want the best in our lives. A spitscreen tells the recovery story.

Getting back on the bike

In the end you can reach the sky and chase the things in life you want to do the most. It is not just fun riding a bike, but also animating it.

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