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Gemeente Rotterdam


Active Studios




The cat knows best


In collaboration with Active Studios we took a deep dive into the world of cats. A series of educational videos about heavy topics like child abuse or domestic violance for the municipality of Rotterdam.

Artwork 2_edited.jpg

Cat's don't judge

The point of view of the cat leads through the story. The housecat is the perfect observer for what happens behind closed doors.

Unbiased cat's

A cat is as unbiased as someone can be. If you see a cat walking on the street you can't tell it's sex or from which country it comes from. That's why the artwok is based on white lines on a blackboard background.

How to illustrate a heavy topic

Catvideo's are part of the internet culture. They provide millions of views. To simply watch at them puts a smile on everybody's face. To tell a heavy subject in the eye of the cat, makes it a bit easier to watch.

Animating the cat

We are really thankful to be part of this amazing project. Making our own catvideos, but then illustrated and animated on our own.

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