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Alter Ego





PALM is twisting traditions


The Belgian brewery Palm has a proud century-long beer brewing tradition. To also attract a younger generation, they have invented three new beers. These beers are based on the century-old traditional craft, allowing Palm to step into the 21st century.

R. Jacobs is an artist who adds his own unique twist to existing paintings, and in this case, he used traditional painted tiles. Our task was to bring these tiles to life and bridge the gap to the present time.

BliksemEnGitaar copy.jpg

Tropical Ale

The tropical ale pays tribute to the 80s Miami Vice style. The traditional Delft blue tiles get invaded by UFOs.


Playing this magical electric guitar transforms you into a robot centaur. Robots and horses -  the perfect combination for any animation.

PALM 8HP-Can-01.png

The 8 bit skating adventure

Ron Schuit created this amazing animation to promote the WeissAss beer. Our task was to make it loop seamlessly and adjust it from a square format to the YouTube Shorts/TikTok format.

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